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There's beauty in BLING!

Diva Bling is One-of-a-Kind glassware.

Not only are all items handmade,  but each item is blessed with its own flare.

Our designers are allowed FULL creative control, which means we don't utilize specific patterns

or templates when applying pearls and stones.

Regardless, the end result is guaranteed to bring basic glassware to life.

We promise you won't be disappointed.

How to Shop

Start By Choosing A Collection:

Take a moment to browse each glass finish available. We'd like you to be prepared for what we like to call "The Diva Baptism". We're sure you'll find something amazing within the collections or our gallery.

Give Us An Idea of What Makes You Feel Good: 

Once you choose a collection, it's time to select a glass that suits your needs, because let's face it, we need to know what you like.  If you didn't know, all items are decorated with glass rhinestones, providing the ultimate sparkle. You may choose to keep it simple or make it extremely flashy by choosing a colored pearl to enhance your item. Our creative juices kick into high gear once we see what piques your interest.

The Fun Part: 

The Waiting Game. We know, we know. You want your item tomorrow. Unfortunately, we cannot produce items for same-day shipping. Nothing great happens in a few hours, so we need a few days to process your order. However, as you wait for that very important email with your tracking number, you can shop for the first beverage to bless your glass with!

Now! It's Time to Get Your    BLING!

Shop By Collection

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