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Time For Some 

That's One-of-a-Kind, Periodt!

Stand out from everyone you know, show out with every step and let people watch you BLING!

we've got crocs and chucks!

Custom Bling Crocs

Charm-less Crocs: Our Way!

Yes, we know people LOVE croc charms, but we like to go against the grain. Our crocs come with so much bling, a charm would get lost. So we don't add any!

Currently, we offer two versions of our Custom Bling Chucks.

Custom Mini Bling Chucks

Half Coverage a.k.a. Mini Bling

Mini Bling is our simple, yet cute. It includes glass rhinestones, pearl colors of your choice, and a decorated trim. Also, most of the canvas of the shoes will be exposed, but that doesn't mean they won't shimmer while you walk!

Custom Bling Queen Chucks

Full Coverage a.k.a. Bling Queen: 

Bling Queen is the Ultimate Bling. This option covers the entire shoe. The majority of the canvas, including the tongue, is covered outside of the rubber sole. Similar to the Mini Bling, Bling Queen stops traffic, eyes, and everything else in between.

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