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EFFECTIVE 10/1/2021

Custom shoes Terms and Conditions



By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to the following:

1.    All sales are final. There are no refunds, under any circumstance, for completed orders.

2.    Included in the cost of the item:
o    Purchase of the shoes
o    Labor
o    Shipping (requiring a signature) and Handling
o    Storage Box


3.    Rebellious Unicorn LLC is not responsible for natural wear and tear on your item. Stones and pearls may detach or discolor due to sunlight, chemicals, walking, the shoes expanding due to the width of your feet, flexing on the heel or toe while sitting/standing, and how your item is stored. Included with the order will be a care card to show you how to clean and store your shoes properly. Due to this being a custom item, Rebellious Unicorn LLC is not responsible for defective merchandise sold by retailers. A member of our team will inspect each shoe before purchase. The shoes are non-returnable once they are customized.

4.    If you have not worn Converse before, we suggest you try on the traditional Converse and the Shoreline Converse to see which will fit you the best. Shoreline Converse are considered “slip-on” shoes. They have short laces that require no tying and have padding in the insole.

5.    If you have not worn Crocs before, we suggest you try on your normal size and a size smaller to see which will fit yo the best.


6.    Production Notification:
o    You will be notified via text a minimum of 24 hours before the production of your order and will be required to respond. 

o    Your text response of “yes” is a written agreement to continue producing your order, and Rebellious Unicorn LLC may begin production any time after your answer is submitted. 


o    You have 48 hours to respond to the production text before your order moves to the end of the production line. 

o    After 72 hours of no response, the order will be canceled. A refund via the payment method, minus the cost of the shoes plus tax and processing fee of $25, will be issued. At that time, the shoes will become the property of Rebellious Unicorn LLC.

o    If you cancel your order BEFORE receiving a production notification, you will receive a refund via payment method, minus the $25 processing fee.
Production will take a minimum of four weeks to complete. This does not include shipping time.


7.    Please read the payment options carefully, as each one has a different set of terms. Full refunds will only take place BEFORE production for SPECIFIC PAYMENT OPTIONS.

8.    Payment Options: 
o    All invoices are issued through Square. You will receive payment due email notifications three days before your next payment if you choose the payment plan option.
o    If you choose split payments or a payment plan, you must save a card on file.


  • Full Payment –The invoice will be sent by email and text for the total cost of the order.  Production will begin within seven to ten business days after we receive the paid invoice. 


  • Split Payments – The invoice will be sent by email and text. Your invoice will be divided into TWO EQUAL payments. Your initial payment is a deposit (which will apply toward the cost of your order) and reserves your place in the production line. You have the option to choose between 14 or 28 days from the initial payment to make your final payment. 


  • Payment Plan – Your invoice will be divided into FOUR EQUAL payments and will incur a NON-REFUNDABLE processing fee of $25. (There are NO REFUNDS once the 2nd payment is submitted; however, you may still cancel your order without paying the additional charges.)

    • 1st Payment (refundable deposit plus non-refundable processing fee) – This payment is refundable if you cancel your order before submitting the 2nd payment.

    • 2nd Payment (due two weeks after 1st payment) – Reserves your place in the production line.

    • 3rd Payment (due four weeks after 1st payment) –   (the order is no longer eligible for a refund) 

    • 4th Payment (due six weeks after 1st payment) - Production begins



9.    Shipping:
o    You will be notified by email when your order has shipped. Allow twenty-four hours for shipping updates on the carrier’s website. Each order includes insurance at no extra cost. Rebellious Unicorn LLC is not responsible for packages arriving past the estimated delivery date.

o    Shipped orders will require a signature upon delivery. Rebellious Unicorn LLC is not responsible for any order with a signature delivered to the address provided.

o    Rebellious Unicorn LLC is not liable for your order if you provide the wrong shipping address.

o    If the shipping company loses your package, Rebellious Unicorn LLC will investigate with the shipping company on your behalf. Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for an investigation before requesting an update. Additional time may be requested to complete the investigation.

o    If it is determined the shipment will not be delivered, you will have the option to request the same order be fulfilled at a priority level or wait until the shipping company pays the insurance claim. (no exceptions)


10.    Cancellations:
o    If Rebellious Unicorn LLC cannot fulfill your order for any reason, you will be informed and issued a full refund within five to seven business days.

EFFECTIVE 10/1/2021

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